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The dedicated Austin water filter and softener specialists at American Water TX have been serving central Texas for over 28 years. The full line of quality Kinetico residential and commercial water system products that we carry are both environmentally conscious and highly practical for home and business owners alike.

Our Austin water softener and filter specialists have collected the following resources to better inform customers and potential customers about water problems, water purification, and the products we offer:

At American Water TX, we pride ourselves on being experts in our field and in our ability to keep our customers highly informed regarding every aspect of the services we offer.

Additional Resources We Recommend to Our Customers

In an effort to better inform our customers, we’ve compiled a number of water and home-related resources below:

While we cannot guarantee the accuracy or quality of any of these resources, our Austin water filter and water softener specialists have found them to be highly informative for those who are looking to learn more about water and home improvement issues.

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