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Water Solutions In Austin And Surrounding Areas

Every home in the Round Rock and Dripping Springs area is unique. We may all have access to the same city water, but we’re not all concerned with the same water contaminants. No matter what mineral, chemical or natural particle you want to control in your home’s water, American Water has your back.

On top of our five-star water softening and filtering systems, we also offer specialty equipment to address your unique water quality concerns. When you need a water system that is effective for YOUR space, call on American Water.

Paraflow system of two tall thin black tanks


Here in Central Texas, many of our homes rely on wells for our daily water. Well water comes with its own pros and cons — and you shouldn’t have to suffer through some of the drawbacks associated with well water.

The Paraflow 2100 Water Softener is specifically designed to filter well water.

System Features

  • Continuous supply of clean, filtered water through its dual-tank system
  • Comprehensive range of exceptional filtration media available
  • Overdrive-enhanced, non-electric operation
Kinetico Sulfur Guard installed on two tall thin black tanks

Sulfur Guard

Another common side effect of using well water is a “rotten egg” smell. This odor is caused by hydrogen sulfide gas, or sulfur — a naturally occurring element from soil and rocks. American Water offers a sulfur guard system to filter this gas and remove that odor.

System Features

  • Clean water on demand
  • Efficiently removes sulfur odor
  • Metered, non-electric operation

Kinetico Electric Powerline Series tall thin black tank

Powerline Backwashing Filter

  • Maximum performance providing the highest quality water for your home
  • Moving water is the power source, not electricity, so operation is simple and reliable.  There are no timers or computers to set, adjust, repair or replace
  • Effective removal of iron and sediment
Kinetico Neutralizer system with tall thin ivory-colored tank


If you’re dealing with acidic water in your home, you may notice damage to your plumbing and household water appliances. American Water can install a Kinetico neutralizer to help manage your water’s pH level.

System Features

  • Efficient pH control
  • Electricity-free operation
  • Eliminates blue-green corrosion and plumbing stains from low pH levels
Kinetico Arsenic Guard system of 2 thin black vertical tanks

Arsenic Guard

A byproduct of naturally eroding minerals containing arsenic, arsenic in groundwater can enter your tap water. Millions of people could be drinking well water that is high in arsenic and not even know it!

System Features

  • Can be used alone or in conjunction with Kinetico water softener systems
  • Flexible, adaptive system design
  • Perpetually treats water to eliminate all traces of arsenic
Kinetico UV Sterilizer system

UV Light Sterilizer

While the majority of microorganisms are killed or deactivated inside the municipal water treatment plant, it’s still possible that bacteria or viruses can be present in your water. UV light sterilizers use a specific wavelength of light to attack and destroy nearly all traces of bacteria or viruses that may be present in your water.

System Features

  • Environmentally-conscious, chemical-free UV light treatment
  • Natural, safe water treatment
  • Proven to eliminate of 99.99% of bacteria and viruses of Giardia, E. coli, Cryptosporidium and other harmful microorganisms
small, square, dark grey Kinetico Salt Monitor

Commercial + Residential Salt Monitors

If you’re utilizing a water softener in your home or business, it can be tricky to keep up with the salt intake. Luckily, Kinetico offers a clever product to ensure that you’re always alerted about your system’s salt status.

System Features

Auto Alerts & Alarms

Get alerts and alarms that notify you when the salt level or battery level drops to low and critically low levels.

System Performance

Check your salt level remotely and your monitor’s status quickly and easily right on the app.

Dechlorinator and Chloramine Reduction System with a tall thin black tank


  • Can easily be combined with a Kinetico water softening system
  • Continuous supply of conditioned water
  • Efficient and effective chlorine reduction
Dechlorinator and Chloramine Reduction System with a tall thin black tank

Chloramine Reduction System

  • Efficient and comprehensive chloramine removal for your entire home through its exclusive Chloraban(R) technology that no other system offers.
  • Flexible system that can stand alone or be combined with a Kinetico water softener
  • Single tank system that can work with any of Kinetico’s water softeners
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