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Your Quick Guide to Buying a Water Softener in Round Rock

Buying a Water Softener in Round Rock

Your Quick Guide to Buying a Water Softener in Round Rock

Hard water is hardly worth ignoring. The culprit behind dry skin, limescale buildup, stained dishes, and more, you’re probably wondering how to choose the right water softener for your household. Here’s your quick and easy guide to buying a water softener in Round Rock!

Why Is It Important to Buy a Water Softener?

You might not think much of your water quality, but it might just be the reason for your everyday struggles. Hard water can cause a variety of issues, such as:

  • Causing limescale buildup
  • Drying and damaging both hair and skin
  • Making it difficult to get clothes fully clean
  • Staining dishes, faucets and other items
  • Stripping the skin of natural oils
  • Triggering eczema symptoms

Yes, your water could be the reason behind all of this! So, how about buying a water softener in Round Rock?

What Are My Options for a High-Quality Water Softener? Any Kinetico Product!

It can be difficult to know where to start in this big world of water softeners. Here are the top three water softeners, each suiting different households and needs.

  • Kinetico Electric Powerline Series: This economic solution is a single-tank electric system. Space saving and simple, this user-friendly water softener is highly effective at removing hard water.
  • Kinetico Premier Series: Similar to the signature, the premier series utilizes kinetic energy. This twin tank system handles high flow rates and capacity with its countercurrent regeneration and continuous soft water supply for highly effective performance.
  • Kinetico Signature Series: The signature series relies on kinetic energy, making it an on-demand, non-electric option. This durable dual-tank removes hard water and built-up iron like a pro.

And these are just a few of your options! Kinetico also offers high-quality commercial softeners for businesses and heavy-duty water usage.

Still Need Help Buying a Water Softener in Round Rock? Give Us a Call!

Not sure where to start, or if you even need a water softener to begin with? American Water is here to help our Round Rock residents! Contact us at 512-388-0022 to get your complimentary water analysis and free quote!

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