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Wimberley Water Softener and Filter Specialists

For the past 28 years, American Water TX has been proud to serve the Wimberley community with the clean, refreshing taste of high-quality, filtered water. The water in Central Texas is often hard and full of minerals, which can make it unpleasant to taste and even leave mineral deposits in your pipes and water fixtures. Fortunately, our Wimberley water softener and filter specialists use state-of-the-art Kinetico water softener and filtration systems, offering the finest in water treatment technology. Our products use a special osmosis system that saves you money while providing a sustainable system that protects the environment. In addition, our systems are ideal for any Wimberley home or business.

Our Products

American Water TX is an exclusive seller of Kinetico products. The Wimberley community has come to expect the same quality performance from our products as they have come to expect from our customer service. Our offerings for your water treatment needs include the following:

  • Residential Products
  • Commercial Products

In addition to the products above, the highly qualified and knowledgeable team at American Water TX is capable of designing and building a specialized water treatment system to meet your specific needs. At American Water TX, the satisfaction of each of our clients is of utmost importance.

Contact a Wimberley Water Softener and Filtration Specialist

Owning a Kinetico water filtration system is a life-changing experience, improving the quality of the water you and your family drink every day. American Water TX is prepared to schedule a complimentary extensive water evaluation during which time one of our representatives will meet you at your property to assess your water treatment needs. Call (512) 388-0022 to speak with a member of our team about the product options we have available for you today.

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