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Why is my Water Cloudy?

If you notice that your water is cloudy when it comes out of the tap, you may be relieved to learn that this issue could be as simple as an influx of air bubbles that accumulate in the pipes. However, if your water is cloudy when poured into a glass or other clear container, there may be something wrong. Cloudy, murky water is generally caused by partially dissolved solids in the water. This can be measured and is referred to as “turbidity.” There are a number of reasons that water can become turbid, including urban runoff, construction projects around the water supply, and storms.

In Central Texas, the high concentration of minerals causes hard water to appear cloudy from the mineral contaminants. While not all of these minerals may be harmful to consume, they are known to stain teeth, clothing, and cause side effects to your appearance over time.

While cloudy water is a strong indicator that your water has high levels of dissolved solids, water with this quality can also appear completely clear. There are other signs that your water may have high turbidity, including the accumulation of grime on faucet heads and other appliances that commonly get wet.

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