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What Are the Top Water Softeners / Drinking Water Systems in Bastrop?

Drinking Water Softeners in Bastrop

What Are the Top Water Softeners / Drinking Water Systems in Bastrop?

Water affects everything, and humans and the Earth are unable to survive without it. That being said, you may be running into issues with the water in your home, ranging from dry hair due to water quality, all the way to your water seeming unsafe to consume. Here’s what you need to know about the best water softener / drinking water systems in Bastrop!

Water Softener Systems

Hard water is an all too common concern, estimated to be 85% of the United States’ fresh water supply. This water supply contains high levels of dissolved minerals, such as calcium or iron. As a result, this water is capable of damaging almost anything it touches, from your skin to silverware.

Luckily, there are several systems available to soften the water, such as:

  • Kinetico Electric Powerline: A user-friendly, economical solution to water problems, it utilizes an electric single-tank system.
  • Kinetico Premier: An on-demand, twin tank system for effective performance is capable of handling high flow rates and capacity via the use of kinetic energy.
  • Kinetico Signature: Another choice in kinetic energy, this economic solution in dual-tank technology allows for durability and efficiency to minimize iron and water hardness.

Drinking Water Systems

It’s crucial that you have safe, high-quality drinking water that is pure and tasteless. Consider the aforementioned systems, as well as these two powerhouses:

  • Aquakinetic – A200: An economical, lead-free faucet that offers a compact size for smaller spaces, as well as quick-disconnect filters.
  • K5 Drinking Water Station: Certified to cleanse more contaminants than any other system available, the exclusive and luxe faucets paired with this system are high quality as much as they are practical, perfectly combined with this system’s efficient and automatic operation with eight separate cartridges for high-level water production and clean water.

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