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What Are the Effects of a Water Softener on Plumbing in San Marcos?

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What Are the Effects of a Water Softener on Plumbing in San Marcos?

Maybe you have been scratching your head contemplating a water softener. It’s time to think past the dry skin and itchy scalp and consider the effects a water softener can have on your plumbing. There is more to a water softener than just healthier skin after a shower, or cleaner laundry. It can be a very important part of keeping your home or business’ plumbing in tip-top shape. So, just what are the effects of a water softener on plumbing in San Marcos? What does a softener even do? Here’s the scoop!

What Is the Purpose of a Water Softener?

A water softener’s job is pretty simple: it takes hard water and makes it soft.  If you have hard water there are some tell-tale signs such as scale build-up on faucets and shower heads. The water softener removes excessive minerals like calcium and magnesium before they get to your pipes and faucets, preventing these mineral deposits.

What Exactly Are the Effects of a Water Softener on Plumbing in San Marcos?

Over time, hard water deposits build up in your pipes, much like what you witness around your faucet and showerhead. This buildup can also occur in your appliances like your washing machine, dishwasher, and even your hot water heater leading to costly repairs or replacements.

A water softener in your home or at work can help avoid many plumbing problems caused by hard water:

  • Protect your pipes: Calcium and magnesium can build up inside pipes leading to clogged drains, corrosion, or worst case scenario, broken or leaking pipes. 
  • Keep appliances working efficiently: When the water quality improves, your appliances can work their best. Your dishes and clothes will be cleaner, and your appliances will last longer because minerals are not building up inside.
  • Keep the water flowing: An increase of mineral deposits in your pipes can slow the flow of water.

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