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Water Softener Maintenance: What You Need to Know

water softener dripping springs

If you’re enjoying the wonderful perks of your soft water, you probably want to keep it that way, right? Your water softening system runs itself every day with virtually no manual assistance.

But, if you want to keep reaping the benefits of your new soft water lifestyle, here are a few things you need to know about maintenance to keep your system running at peak performance.

Do I Need to Service a Water Softener?

Kinetico water softeners require very little when it comes to maintenance. With proper care, the resin beads that collect calcium and magnesium from your water supply last up to 20 years before needing to be changed.

Your softening system requires a regular supply of salt for regenerative purposes. However, the frequency of adding salt to the brine tank depends on how much water is used daily. With typical household use, your system may only require a salt brine refill every eight or so weeks.

How Do You Clean a Water Softener?

Your water softening system cleans its resin beads of the captured hardness through a backwashing process that forces soft water through the beads and replaces the hard minerals with sodium chloride. There are few reasons to manually clean your water softener except for under special circumstances.

It most cases, it’s not necessary to replace the water softener filter unless your household water pressure decreases. A boil alert or well water contamination may also require replacement. In the event these issues arise, contact your Round Rock water softener experts for complete sanitization before your next use. Only use your Kinetico water softener system with a clean, microbiologically safe water source.

American Water Offers Water Softener Maintenance near Austin

Your water softening system requires very little maintenance. However, unexpected cold weather without precautions or water contamination scares may reduce your system. With little effort from our water softener service experts, we have your system back to peak performance in no time. Leave your system in good hands with American Water, and give our water softener experts a call today at (512) 388-0022.

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