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The Damaging Effects of Hard Water

Hard water is classified as water with increased or concentrated mineral content. Although there are a few sources who have claimed hard water carries several health benefits, the detrimental effects severely outweigh any possible benefits. Homeowners with naturally flowing hard water complain much more often of burst pipes, spotty dishes, and increased water heating bills due to lime scale buildup in appliances.

The water filtering and softening specialists at American Water TX understand the damage and unnecessary expenses associated with hard water. We can address your questions and help you find the best water softening or filtering system for your home or commercial building.

Common Signs of Hard Water Damage

If your home or commercial building has naturally flowing hard water, you may notice the following:

  • Dull or faded laundry
  • Unsightly spots or film on clean dishes
  • Scum buildup in pipes, causing blockages or bursting
  • Rust-colored stains in sinks, tubs, or toilets
  • Lime scale buildup in water heater, reducing efficiency and driving up heating costs
  • Rough and abrasive clothing after washing

Any of these signs could be an indication of hard water in your home. If you think that you might be experiencing damage due to mineral buildup, do not hesitate to take action.

Contact an Austin Softening and Filtering Specialist for Help

If you are struggling with the damaging effects of hard water in your home or commercial building, the water filter and softening specialists at American Water TX can help. We carry a variety of Kinetico water softening systems that will effectively and efficiently eliminate the mineral concentration in your water at a low cost to you. Call our office today at (512) 388-0022 to consult with a professional.

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