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Smell and Taste of Chlorine

Austin Chlorine Specialists

When you fill up your glass with water in Austin, you expect it to taste pure and refreshing. However, in some cases, water is treated with chlorine at municipal water treatment plants to kill off any bacteria or harmful microorganisms in the water. While chlorine is an effective way to disinfect your water source, it often results in an unfavorable taste or smell in your water.

At American Water TX, we offer superior solutions for dealing with any chlorine taste or odor issues you may have, whether at your business or at home. Our Kinetico chlorine removal systems have the technology to eliminate any altered tastes in your water, so you are left with clean and clear drinking water.

Negative Effects of Chlorine

While chlorine is extremely effective at killing any harmful bacteria in the water or pipes, it certainly is not preferable once it reaches your home. Negative effects of chlorine in your water include:

  • Unpleasant odor
  • Tastes bad
  • Dries skin and hair
  • Fades clothing

If you are concerned about chlorine in your water system, an Austin chlorine specialist can analyze your water and offer a comprehensive solution for this problem.

Contact an Austin Chlorine Specialist for Help

No water problem is permanent. Our Austin water specialists have extensive experience dealing with a wide variety of water issues, and we can help you choose the right solution to remove any impurities from your water. At American Water TX, our goal is to supply you with the purest water possible. Contact an Austin chlorine specialist at (512) 388-0022 for a free water test today.

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