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Should I Turn Off My Water Softener When Away From Home?

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Should I Turn Off My Water Softener When Away From Home?

Preparing to leave your home for any period of time can be stressful. Not only do you have to plan every detail of your trip from travel arrangements to what to pack, but you have to make sure your home is ready for you to be away too. That means visiting the post office to have them hold your mail, adjusting your thermostat, and unplugging almost everything but the fridge. But do you need to prep your water softener for while you’re away, and what do you need to do to prepare it if so? 

Should you turn off your water softener when away? 

A metered softener won’t regenerate when no water is being used. A timed water softener will regenerate when its pre-set time says to, and without water it can damage parts of the unit. So, if your softener is not metered and you’re planning to be gone for a long period of time, unplug it.

We never want to come home after time away to find out that something has happened to our home while gone. Your water softener system should not be on your mind when away from your home. 

How do you  turn off a water softener?

Typically, all you have to do it turn the water softener bypass valve. For added peace of mind, you can also unplug the machine as well as shut off the main valve to your home. Your owner’s manual, will be able to guide you helpfully through the process. 

There are three functions your water softener performs: bypass, service, and regeneration. When in bypass mode, your unit will no longer be functioning, so set your machine to bypass mode while you’re away if someone will be coming over and need water access for plants. No worries when you arrive home – simply return your machine to service mode. Your water will be clean, safe, and drinkable. 

It is always a good and safe idea to shut down all  major appliances when away for a period of time. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Putting your mind at ease will help you enjoy your time away from home. Your home water softener should be the least of your worries. 

How do I get a water softener installed if I want to eliminate hard water?

The water specialists at American Water are prepared to answer your questions about water problems and help you choose a water softener for Round Rock homes that will fit your needs, even if you have well water. To learn more, please call one of of the Austin water softener specialists at 512-388-0022 today.

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