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Septic Systems and Water Softeners: What You Should Know

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Septic Systems and Water Softeners: What You Should Know

Since the 1970s, organizations such as the Water Quality Association and the National Sanitation Foundation have been completing studies about how a water softener system affects septic systems. While misinformation has been put out saying that water softeners are bad for septic systems, studies do not support this. In fact, they not only show that an efficient water softener system has no negative effect on a septic system, but that it often can have an all-over beneficial effect.

Here is what you should know about using a water softener with a septic system.

How does a water softener benefit a septic system?

One of the claims about water softeners and septic systems is that softened water has sodium in it, which has a negative effect on the bacteria that breaks down waste in a septic system. The University of Wisconsin has performed a series of studies that show this is untrue, and that soft water actually increases bacteria’s performance within a septic tank. Having softer water enter into your septic tank increases the growth rate of bacteria, which can cause the process in the septic tank to actually work more efficiently. 

Soft water also has the benefit of needing less soap and detergents to get the job done when cleaning and taking showers, The need for fewer soaps and detergents also has a net beneficial effect on your septic system, since soaps and detergents can destroy helpful bacteria.

Why is a high-performance water softener necessary if you have a septic system?

It is important that you have a high-performance water softener that is well maintained if you have a septic tank. This is because exceptionally large amounts of sodium may negatively affect your septic tank. When regenerating, poorly running water softeners can create an excess of brine waste that overflows into the septic tank. Making sure you have a high-performance system and that you stay on top of necessary maintenance eliminates this issue.

How do I find a water softener system that works with the septic tank?

A trained water professional can help you to find a system that fits your home’s needs and also have a beneficial effect on your septic tank. Do your research and ask questions, and you are sure to find exactly what you need.

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