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Protect New Back-to-School Clothes With Water System Installation in Dripping Springs

Water System Dripping Springs

Protect New Back-to-School Clothes With Water System Installation in Dripping Springs

Washing your laundry in hard water or water containing chlorine or other additives and contaminants takes a toll on your clothes. If you’re like most families, you’ve probably just invested in new school clothes and want to make them last and keep them looking great! So, how can you do that? With a water system installation in Dripping Springs, you can help keep those new school clothes looking brighter and cleaner for a long time.

A Water System in Dripping Springs Removes Excess Minerals and Contaminants

Hard water is excess minerals in your water, especially calcium and magnesium. Even homes with a city water supply often have issues with hard water and other contaminants. Installing a whole-home water filter delivers water throughout the home that is better for drinking, washing clothing, showering, and protects appliances and plumbing. 

Hard Water Is Rough on Your Clothes, Skin, and Even Your Appliances

Mineral buildup in your clothing makes them look dingy. Whites may look yellowish or gray and colors dull. Hard water keeps detergent from doing its job. Instead of removing dirt from the clothes and rinsing away, detergent and mineral residue is left in the clothing fibers. This residue continues to build up more dirt, making your clothing look dull and worn. This is also an irritant for sensitive skin.
Hard water buildup in water-using appliances leads to costly repairs and replacements. The mineral and soap scum residue left behind in the washing machine also decreases the effectiveness of the appliance. But a softening system helps keep your washer in better condition.

Water Softeners Helps Detergent Work Better

Water system installation in Dripping Springs removes excess minerals, so your laundry detergent is more effective. In soft water, laundry detergent mixes with the water to remove dirt and grime from your clothing and then allows it to all be rinsed away. You’ll notice that your clothing lasts longer and comes out cleaner keeping those school clothes looking new longer.

Be Ready for Back-to-School Laundry With Water System Installation in Dripping Springs

At American Water, we have years of experience installing high quality whole-home water systems. Call us today for a free consultation and water analysis at 512-388-0202 to learn more about what’s in your water and how we can help!

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