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Product Spotlight: Kinetico Pro CC Commercial Water Softener in Austin

Commercial Water Softening in Austin

Product Spotlight: Kinetico Pro CC Commercial Water Softener in Austin

Choosing the best water softening system for your commercial space can be a big decision. Softened water can improve many aspects of your commercial space. Whether the water in your space is for drinking, washing, cleaning, or all of the above, removing hardness will greatly improve your water quality. Here is everything you need to know about the Kinetico Pro CC, a great commercial water softener in Austin. 

The Kinetico Pro CC Is Top of the Line for Commercial Water Softening Needs!

If you need to soften water in a commercial environment but you have limited space, the Kinetico Pro CC is a great option for you. This unit is compact enough that you can fit it into a small space. It has a sleek design that blends in well with many styles.

A water softening system improves your water quality by removing the minerals that make water hard. This will help water-using appliances last longer, since they will need less maintenance due to hard water.

This unit has a dual-tank design, and it includes a non-electric control valve with counter-current regeneration. This design cuts down on money and causes you to use less salt and water. You will also save time, since this brilliant design means that you will never run out of soft water. 

Thanks to this unit having a non-electric softener, the operation is fully automatic. This saves you plenty of time and means that you do not need to spend time setting timers or trying to sort through electrical issues. 

The Kinetico Pro CC is highly customizable thanks to the smart disk. You can use this to dictate the level of softness you desire. You can even expand this system if you need more water, thanks to the unit’s modular design. 

Get Your Ideal Commercial Water Softener in Austin From the Softening Experts Here at American Water!

We offer the highest quality commercial water softeners in Austin! Our experts can help you find out if the Kinetico Pro CC is the best option for your needs. To make an appointment, contact us at  512-388-0202 today to learn more!


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