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Product Spotlight: Kinetico Mach Water Softener for Well Systems

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American Water offers exceptional products from Kinetico that are compatible with well systems, including the Kinetico Mach 2030, rated a Consumer Digest Best Buy. The Mach 2030 delivers generous flow rates while maintaining the desired level of water softness.

What are some of the best options for water softeners near Austin?

Kinetico Mach 2030 Water Softener

The Kinetico Mach 2030 can be customized to meet the specific conditions of well water. Representing the best engineering and design Kinetico offers, the Kinetico Mach 2030 efficiently supplies households with a steady flow of soft water while providing an environmentally conscious and economically conservative alternative to traditional water softening systems. The Mach 2030’s advantages include:

  • Non-electric operation
  • Effective iron removal
  • Twin tank system
  • Countercurrent regeneration
  • Economical and efficient

Kinetico Paraflow 2100 Water Softener

The Kinetico Paraflow 2100 Series is a simple yet reliable system that can be adapted to meet your specific well water supply needs. The Kinetico Paraflow 2100 produces a continuous supply of clean, filtered water. Its overdrive enhanced system provides high performance, efficiency, lifespan, and flow rate. Some benefits of the Paraflow 2100 are:

  • Non-electric operation
  • Dual tank system
  • Comprehensive range of filtration media

These Kinetico Water Softeners are designed to accommodate high water usage while providing high quality water softness. Additionally, they are compatible with well systems, an important feature for those who do not have access to city water. On demand regeneration means that soft water is always available to the Kinetico Mach customer, since one tank operates while the other regenerates, day or night. Kinetico products are available at American Water, your leader in water softener installation in Austin.

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