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Kinetico Helps Austin Residents Understand Water Quality

Kinetico Helps Austin Residents Understand Water Quality

In light of a new study that links manganese in drinking water to lower intelligence levels in children, American Water Kinetico is working to help residents understand the quality of their tap water and the steps they can take to achieve increased protection when elevated levels of manganese are present.

The Canadian study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, examined more than 350 Quebec area children, between the ages of six and 13. Researchers measured the children’ s exposure to manganese from tap water and conducted a series of tests assessing cognition, motor skills and behavior. Their analysis found that children who were exposed to a higher concentration of manganese in drinking water performed worse on the intelligence tests
than children with lower exposures.

“ With this recent study, it’ s understandable that residents may be concerned about the safety of their drinking water for their children,” says Jay Baker, V.P. of Sales and Operations with American Water Kinetico. “ Manganese is a naturally-occurring mineral, and in most areas it is generally considered to be an aesthetic problem rather than a health issue. But the best way
residents can avoid potential health concerns and ensure their water is safe is to get it tested to see what, if any, levels of manganese are present. ”

Determining if manganese is in your water requires testing since there’s not always a clear sign it is present. Water treatment system dealers in the Austin area can test residents’ water and help them understand if manganese levels are present or an issue. Kinetico water professionals like American Water Kinetico will do a complimentary basic home water test, including a test for manganese. They can also take samples for a more in-depth water analysis by a third-party

“There are a number of water filtration systems available to lower manganese levels in your tap water,” says Baker. “Kinetico can help residents know their water and take action when necessary.”

To learn more about an in-home water test or for more information on this study, please contact Jay Baker at 512-388-0022 or jay@kineticotx.com.

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