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Austin Water Filter Installation

Is Water Filter Installation in Austin Worth It?

Take a drink of your tap water and consider this – it could taste better. It could also be cleaner. The short answer to your question, “Is water filter installation in Austin worth it,” is yes! Here’s why. 

If Water Restrictions Are Regulated in My Area, Do I Still Need to Worry About Contaminants?

Yes, you do. Although the Environmental Protection Agency does have standards in place for treated water, there is still a risk of specific contaminants getting through to your home. 

These are the most common and dangerous contaminants that might be found in your drinking water:

  • Heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium, and cadmium)
  • Pharmaceuticals that have not been disposed of safely
  • Pesticides and other cancer-causing compounds
  • Human-made chemicals that do not easily breakdown (paints, cleaning products, food packaging, and many other substances)

If you have private well water, you and your family are especially at risk of ingesting harmful chemicals and contaminants. Water filter installation is a safe bet for your household. 

What Are the Benefits of Water Filter Installation? 

Aside from the most important benefit of safe and clean water, you’ll also enjoy cleaner skin and laundry. Water filter installation in Austin also extends the lifespan of your water-dependent appliances by as much as 25%. Clean water improves the PH level of your water, which results in cleaner plumbing pipes and less chance of clogging. 

How Much Does a Water Filter Cost? Is Water Filter Installation in Austin Worth It?

Your cost for a water filter depends on the type you choose. A faucet-mounted tap filter averages between $30 to $100. However, for convenience, most homeowners choose a whole-house water filtration system which can cost between $1,000 to $4,000. For peace of mind, it’s a small price to pay. Anyone who has installed a water filter agrees that it’s well worth it.

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