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Is Tap Water Safe to Drink, or Do You Need a Chlorine Filter for Your Water Supply?

Chlorine Filtration

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink, or Do You Need a Chlorine Filter for Your Water Supply?

Most households drink tap water from a city water supply. Municipal water is usually treated with chlorine or chloramine to prevent contamination by dangerous bacteria and viruses. You’re probably wondering if the chlorine present in your drinking water is safe or if you need a chlorine filter for your water supply. Here’s what you need to know about how chlorine is affecting your water and even your health.

Should I Get a Chlorine Filter? How Does Chlorine Impact My Health?

The levels of chlorine in the drinking water are non-toxic, so you may not need a filter. However, consumption over time may have health consequences. When the chlorine comes in contact with some natural compounds also present in the water, it can form trihalomethanes, the consumption of which may negatively impact your health. Studies have found possible links between trihalomethanes and some cancers, as well as birth defects. It’s a personal decision.

What Are Some Other Impacts of Chlorine?

When you turn on your tap, you probably smell the chlorine and may even taste it when you take your drink. Drinking water is essential to good health. But, if you don’t enjoy the smell and taste of your water, you may not drink enough or even buy bottled water instead. The cost of bottled water and the waste produced make it a poor solution. Also, chlorine can take a toll on your skin and hair when you shower.

How Can I Remove Chlorine?

Installing a chlorine filter in your home removes chlorine from your water, leaving you with refreshing, tasty water to drink and making your showers healthier, too. A dechlorinator can be added to your whole-home water filtration system or water softener system to maximize the purity and cleanliness.

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