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Is It Bad to Drink From Water Softeners?

If you are tired of your hard water damaging your pipes, home, and wallet, a water softener can be a great option for removing minerals from your water. If you’re considering water softeners in your home, you may be wondering if softened water will be safe to drink. Here’s the scoop!

With Water Softeners, Do I Need to Be Concerned About Sodium in My Water? 

Drinking softened water is totally safe in the vast majority of cases. A common myth is that softened water contains a lot of sodium due to the way that the water softening process works. Most water softeners use ion-exchange to remove minerals from water. This means that some sodium is exchanged for minerals like magnesium and calcium, leaving some sodium in the water. 

The exact amount of sodium in the water depends on how many minerals were in your water in the first place and this depends on your geographic location. The amount of sodium in your softened water is not very much no matter where you live. An average glass of softened water would contribute to only about one percent of your daily sodium intake. 

Are There Any Cases in Which I Should Avoid Softened Water?

While softened water is safe in the vast majority of cases, you should avoid softened water if you have been prescribed a low-sodium diet, and you should avoid giving softened water to young infants. 

In some cases, people also prefer the taste of hard water rather than the taste of soft water. In any of these cases you can get a water softening system for your house to address the issues hard water poses and also install a drinking water system that addresses any health or taste concerns that you have.

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