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Is Filtered Water or Bottled Water Better to Drink?

If you’re currently buying bottled water, you may be considering an investment in a water filtration system instead. Tasty, filtered water right at the tap has some big benefits – not only for you, but for the environment, too. Is filtered or bottled water better to drink? Here’s what you need to consider.

What Is Filtered Water?

Filtered water either from a whole-house water filter or a filtration system at the tap has impurities removed to make it better for drinking and cooking. Before you install a whole-house water filter, you can test your water and customize filtration to remove contaminants. Reverse osmosis systems remove impurities and deliver healthy drinking water right at the tap.

Here’s What You Should Know About Bottled Water.

Bottled water is packaged and ready to go, so it does have an element of convenience… unless you run out and have to make a special trip to the store or wait on delivery. Most bottled water is simply tap water that a company has bottled.
If your water supply is in question, bottled water is a better choice. In the long run though, drinking bottled water is expensive and creates a lot of plastic waste, so installing a filtration system makes good sense.

What Are the Benefits of Home Water Filtration?

Drinking water straight from the tap is convenient, and you’ll have a clean, tasty water supply right at the tap to fill your reusable bottle to take on the go. Here are some additional benefits of filtered water.

  • Better smelling and tasting water: Even if your home is on city water, it may contain contaminants. Chloramine is added to the municipal water supply, you may notice an odor or taste. Filtration removes it, so you’ll have better smelling and tasting water. You’ll probably notice a big difference in your morning coffee!
  • Health: Water filtration systems remove contaminants, providing you with healthy drinking water.
  • Always available: Never run out of drinking water with a home water filtration system, which gives you access to clean drinking water on demand.
  • Environmental: Reduce your carbon footprint when you cut down on plastics.

Learn More About Your Water With a Free In-Home Test and Water Filter Consultation

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