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How Often Does My Water Softener Need Serviced?

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How Often Does My Water Softener Need Serviced?

When you have spent months enjoying the benefits of a water softener in your home, it is easy to forget aabout the maintenance it needs so you can continue enjoying your clean water. In addition to having clean water in your home, having your water softener regularly maintained will help to ensure your water softener has a longer life. 

While you likely have been cleaning out your brine tank and adding salt to your water softener as needed, basic upkeep is essential the unit’s basic performance. By having your water softener serviced once per year, you enjoy many benefits, which include:

Assessment of Your Water

Over time, the way the water coming into your home may have changed due to changes in mineral content. Your service technician can test your water for any possible changes. If the components of your water have changed, then the technician can change the settings on your water softener to reflect these changes. They also can recommend and install any additional filters that may be necessary.

Optimization of Water Softener Settings

Having your settings looked at can help save you money. For instance, if the number of people in your household has decreased due to a child going to college, you can have your settings changed to reflect the lower water usage. Also, if you have added a member to your household, you may need to change settings to reflect this as well.

Basic Cleaning and Upkeep

The service person ensures that your system has been sanitized. Also, they make sure the brine tank is cleaned and recharge your resins. They can also check for bridging in your brine tank. 

Additional Maintenance

There are a lot of small parts on your water softener that degrade over time. The valve and / or O-rings may need replacing. Moving parts also need to be examined to ensure they are in working order. By having these basic pieces and parts checked yearly, you ensure that your water softener will last a long time. It is a great way to protect your investment.

For continued soft water in your home, get your water softener maintenanced. 

We have trained professionals ready to help make sure your water softener is operating at its best. To set up a maintenance appointment for your water softener in Round Rock, contact us at 512-388-0022 today.

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