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How Much Is a Water Softener in Killeen?

Many people already have home water filtration systems but are lacking a water softener, which is not the same as a water filter. A water softener removes magnesium and calcium from your water, but it does not eliminate water contaminants like a filter does. So, what are the advantages of a water softener? And, how much is a water softener in Killeen? Here’s the scoop!

What Are the Advantages of a Water Softener?

A water softener in the home presents many benefits. First, it reduces reduce mineral buildup in your pipes, also known as scale, which can be very hard to eliminate. Because it softens hard water, it leads to softer skin and hair after a shower. If you’ve ever noticed spots or stains on your dishes after they’ve been washed or gone through the dishwasher, this is likely from hard water which would be eliminated by a water softener. You may even save on soaps and detergents, since you’ll have to clean plumbing fixtures less, and your clothes and dishes come out cleaner using less detergent.

How Much Is a Water Softener in Killeen? 

Water softeners with installation can cost anywhere between $800 and $2,500 or more depending on several factors such as the brand and type you choose. You may opt for a whole-home system or one that only works in a certain area. Not all water softeners are the same, and sometimes the most expensive doesn’t always mean the best.

Is a Water Softener Worth the Cost?

The short answer: YES! A water softener has many benefits and when properly cared for can last 10 to 20 years depending on what type is used. At a cost of $800 for your system, that averages out to be as little as $40 per year for peace of mind that the water you are using is better for your body and hair, your water-using appliances, and even your plumbing system.

Soften Your Water With a Top-of-the-Line Kinetico Water Softener! 

At American Water, we want to make sure that your water is up to your standards and ours, which is why we only sell and install Kinetico products. For your free customized quote and an answer to your question, “How much is a water softener in Killeen,” contact us today at 512-388-0022. Based on your home’s water usage and the product you need, we will provide an answer to all of your water softener questions!

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