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How Does a Whole-Home Water Softener Near San Marcos Work?

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How Does a Whole-Home Water Softener Near San Marcos Work?

Your best option for addressing hard water is a whole-home water softener in San Marcos. Here are some water softener facts you should know. 

What Exactly Does a Water Softener Do?

Hard water is the leading cause of issues such as scale buildup in your pipes. It leads to clogging and a decrease in water pressure. It’s also the reason you will end up replacing water-dependant appliances more than you’d like. 

Have you noticed your laundry detergent isn’t as effective as it should be? Do you feel a bit grimy after a shower? Those problems also occur because of hard water

A whole-home water softener near San Marcos removes the calcium and magnesium minerals that are the cause of your hard water. 

How Exactly Does a Whole-Home Water Softener Work?

Your whole-home water softener contains three components and works through a process called ion exchange:

  • Mineral tank: This is the chamber in which hard water is softened. Hard water is fed into the mineral tank from the water supply line. The water then runs through resin beads, leaving behind calcium and magnesium ions. This softens the water.
  • Control valve. This valve measures the amount of water that flows from the mineral tank to your home. Over time, the capacity of the resin beads in your mineral tank becomes depleted and burdened with mineral contents. At this point, the control valve kicks in and begins a regeneration cycle.
  • Brine tank. The brine tanks aid in softening water during regeneration. It contains a concentrated salt or potassium solution that restores the effectiveness of the resin beads in the mineral tank. 

What Is the Water Regeneration Cycle?

Whole-home water softener regeneration is basically the process during which resin beads in the mineral tank are inundated with solution from the brine tank. This washes away minerals that cause hardness and drains them from the system. Water regeneration essentially recharges and primes the resin beads so they function as they should. 

I’d Like to Know More About a Whole-Home Water Softener Near San Marcos! Who Should I Call?

To receive a free water analysis and quote, contact our water quality specialists at American Water. We’ve been in the water business for decades and are happy to help you make sure your home has clean, safe water. Give us a call at 512-388-0022 today!

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