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Your Water Softener and Filter Specialists in Georgetown, Tx

Offering a full line of Kinetico water filter and softener solutions, the Georgetown water filter and softener specialists at American Water TX are prepared to help you create a home water system that meets the needs of your Georgetown household, all without ever losing sight of your financial constraints. We have been serving the Georgetown area for over 28 years now and we understand the water issues that are most prominent in the area.

Products We Offer

Firmly committed to the superiority of their line of products, American Water TX exclusively offers Kinetico water filtration and softening products. Kinetico’s water filtration and softener products operate on the kinetic energy of moving water, completely eliminating the need for electricity in many of their intuitive, user-friendly line-up of:

  • Residential Products
  • Commercial Products

Our water softener and filter specialists understand the value that many Georgetown residents place on the quality of their water; we can help you craft a system that is personalized for you and your home or commercial property.

Speak with a Georgetown Water Specialist

At American Water TX, our Georgetown water specialists are committed to offering only the very best water treatment services and products to the Georgetown community. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help fulfill your particular water needs, feel free to schedule a free consultation with one of our Georgetown water filter and softener specialists. A member of our team will then come out to your home or place of business and evaluate your situation through comprehensive series of diagnostic tests. To schedule an appointment with one of our Georgetown water softener and filter specialists, please call our Georgetown office at (512) 388-0022 today.

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