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Drinking Water System in Austin: Myths Busted

Drinking Water Systems Austin

Drinking Water System in Austin: Myths Busted

Thinking about your drinking water? You’re not alone. Many homes have issues with the purity of their water and have installed a drinking water system in Austin. Read on for clarity on five common drinking water myths.

Myth #1: Bottled Water Is Superior to Tap Water

Tap water at the municipal source and bottled water are both tested according to the same standard set forth by the EPA. While municipal water falls under the regulations of the EPA and bottled water the FDA, both use the safety standards for contaminants set by the EPA. 
Want to know about your city water supply? The EPA requires published results be made available to the public yearly. Want to know more about your bottled water? Companies are not required to make results available. 
Additionally, microplastics are everywhere, even in the water we drink. Some studies have shown that bottled water contains higher levels of microplastics than tap water. 

Myth #2: Bottled Water Is More Convenient Than Tap Water

On the surface, bottled water seems convenient. But, look a little closer and you’ll see that drinking filtered tap water wins. Bottled water is something you have to buy and keep on hand or have delivered. If you run out, it’s not convenient to go get more. 
And, if there is a shortage at the store, you’re out of luck. Additionally, taking care of all the extra plastic waste takes time, too. A water system allows you to refill a glass or reusable bottle right from the tap. Super convenient!

Myth #3: There’s Nothing You Can Do About Poor Tasting Tap Water

If your tap water has a sulfur or chlorine taste or smell, installing the right water filtration system removes impurities. With a drinking water system, your tap water either from a well or municipal source is a clean, tasty supply.

Myth #4: Pesticides Are Only a Problem if You Live on a Farm

Pesticides may get into the groundwater whether you live on a farm or not. Pesticide use is commonplace and finds its way into the water from ground applications, both rural and domestic, as well as from leaks and spills. Installing a drinking water system in Austin removes as much as 99% of contaminants, including some pesticides.

Myth 5: You Need Minerals in Your Drinking Water

Mineral concentrations vary in the water supply, but many homes have varying degrees of hard water from minerals, even when they have a municipal water supply. Hard water takes a toll on plumbing and water-using appliances, and they can also worsen some skin conditions. Studies have shown that the majority of the minerals our bodies need come from food sources and not from our drinking water.

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