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Hard Water Treatment

Does Hard Water Hurt My House Plants?

Has your indoor garden expanded during the pandemic? Many people discovered during quarantine that it’s a great hobby. Excess minerals in water which causes it to be hard affects many homes. Does hard water hurt my houseplants? Here’s what you need to know about how water quality affects your beautiful flowers and other indoor plants.

What Exactly Is Hard Water Anyway?

Hard water is water that contains excess minerals like calcium and magnesium. Too many minerals means your water leaves a residue behind. These minerals cause buildup on faucets, in pipes, as well as your clothing and skin. For your plants, a residue may build up on the leaves and roots.
Residue on leaves from mineral buildup is the white spotting or coating you’ll see. Plants thrive when they use sunlight to make their nutrients. Coated leaves can’t use sunlight effectively, compromising the health of your plant.
As you water your plants, the excess minerals added to the soil may also coat the roots, making it hard for your plants to absorb the nutrients they need. You may even notice mineral buildup on the soil itself. This white buildup is a clear sign that water hardness is affecting your soil.

Use Softened Water to Ensure Your Houseplants Are Happy and Healthy! 

A water analysis gives you access to your water’s stats. Water your houseplants with quality, softened water. A whole-home softening system or reverse osmosis system at the tap makes it easy to give them the best. Also, be sure to give your greenery the right amount of hydration, being careful not to over-water or under-water.

Provide Healthy Hydration for Your Plants With a Softening System!

If you suspect hard water, the water pros at American Water can perform a complimentary water analysis to find out, as well as provide you with a solution. We sell and install only the very best in water systems – Kinetico water filtration and softening systems that are customizable for your unique needs. Call us today to learn more at 512-388-0202, and get on the road to healthy, pure water for both you and your houseplants.

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