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Does a Water Softener in Dripping Springs Eliminate Chloramine?

Water Softener in Dripping Springs

Does a Water Softener in Dripping Springs Eliminate Chloramine?

Chloramine is a chemical that is used to disinfect drinking water. If you are looking into a water softener, you may want to know if that device will eliminate chloramine. Read on to learn about this chemical and whether or not it can be eliminated by a water softener in Dripping Springs.

What Is Chloramine? 

For a long time, cities used small amounts of chlorine to purify their water sources. Over time, cities have been changing their purification methods to ones that use chloramine. The change is because chlorine can cause buildup that chloramine does not. Chloramine, a chemical variant of chlorine, is also often effective longer.

Is Chloramine Harmful?

Chloramine can be useful because it kills bacteria and viruses that can travel through water, and the chemical is not necessarily harmful to the majority of the population.  

However, it can negatively impact some people who are on dialysis or who have respiratory problems. There are also some other household functions that can be hurt by chloramine. For example, fish and plants may be hurt by the chemical. Even when it is not harmful, chloramine can affect the flavor of the water. 

How Do I Remove Chloramine From Water? Does a Water Softener in Dripping Springs Help?

If you are concerned about the health impact of chloramine or you simply do not enjoy the taste, you likely want to know how you can remove the chemical from your water. The most effective way to remove the chemical is a water filter. Not all water filters will specifically remove chloramine. So, it is important that you check to see if a filtration system removes what you want. 

A water softener is a great option if you want to remove chlorine or chloramine from your water. However, not all water softeners remove chlorine. Many water softeners focus solely on removing minerals.

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