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Causes of low water pressure

Causes of low water pressure

Simple activities such as taking a shower and washing the dishes can be irritating and time-consuming with poor water pressure. This frustrating problem can be difficult to diagnose on your own due to the myriad of potential causes.

Low water pressure could be a result of problems in the local water system. Though minerals and debris may also be the cause, forming clogs in the shower heads and faucets which restricts water flow.  Corrosion and sediment build-up inside the pipes in older houses may also be causing the problem. In some instances, low water pressure can be a result of broken or faulty water filters and softeners.

If you suspect that a damaged water filter or softener is causing low water pressure in your home, our team at American Water TX can provide you professional and reliable help in repairing or replacing these damaged parts. Call our Austin office at (512) 388-0022 to seek assistance today.

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