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Can Hard Water Really Corrode Pipes? Does a Water Softener System in Austin Prevent Corrosion?

Water Softening System in Austin

Can Hard Water Really Corrode Pipes? Does a Water Softener System in Austin Prevent Corrosion?

Hard water is damaging to plumbing. It is corrosive and causes mineral buildup, leading to costly repairs and replacements. If your home has hard water issues, here’s what you need to know about corrosion and how a water softener system in Austin helps your plumbing.

Yes, Hard Water Causes Pipe Corrosion!

Corrosion from excess calcium and magnesium in hard water is devastating for plumbing. Metal pipes, faucets, and more may all be affected. And for homes with copper pipes, the risk is even greater. Corrosion happens because hard water minerals are pushed through the pipes and wear them out. Homes with hard water pipes are prone to developing leaks where minerals have caused pits inside the pipes. 

Mineral Deposits Damage Plumbing and Appliances!

High mineral content in hard water also causes build up in your pipes, faucets, and water-using appliances. This buildup slows the water flow and increases the pressure leading to costly repairs. Drains are also impacted by mineral buildup.
As minerals build up in a drain, water drains more slowly and eventually becomes clogged. Hard water buildup also quickly wears out components in water using appliances like water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, and more. 

Installing a Water Softener System in Austin Is the Solution!

Thankfully, a whole-home water softener efficiently and effectively removes minerals like calcium and magnesium, protecting your plumbing from damage. It works to remove minerals from the water, so that the water flowing through your pipes is soft and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of softened water.

Save Your Pipes and Appliances, Find Out More About Installing a Water Softener System in Austin Today!

At American Water, we offer quality whole-home water filters and softeners that deliver the right amount of water for your home’s unique water usage. Our water experts start with a complete water analysis to help you understand the quality of your water. Then, we’ll help you select the right water softener system in Austin to efficiently and effectively meet your usage needs.
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