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Benefits of a Well Water System in San Marcos

Well Water Systems San Marcos TX

Benefits of a Well Water System in San Marcos

Testing your well water is key to choosing the right well water system in San Marcos. Contaminants and excess minerals causing hard water are a common issue in households with well water. Installing a whole-home well water system targets the issue and removes it, leaving you with fresh, clean water at the tap. Here are some benefits of installing a well water system near Austin.

1. Eliminate Hard Water Issues

When water contains too much magnesium, calcium, and / or iron, it’s considered “hard.” A well water system:

  • Protects plumbing and appliances: Hard water minerals damage plumbing and appliances over time, leading to costly replacements and repairs. A whole-home well water softening system softens the water to protect your pipes and appliances. 
  • Cleaner fixtures: Soft water also won’t leave residue on your fixtures and sinks.
  • Soap cleans better: Soap, both in the shower and laundry, cleans more effectively in soft water. 

2. Correct pH Issues with a Well Water System in San Marcos

Water that is too acidic isn’t good for you or your plumbing. Installing a well water system neutralizes pH resulting to provide you with healthy water and to prevent corrosion of your plumbing.

3. Get Rid of Stinky Sulfur

Though not harmful, hydrogen sulfide is the gas sometimes present in well water that makes it stinky. If your well water smells like rotten eggs, installing a well water system eliminates the sulfur smell, so the water coming out of the tap smells more pleasant.

4. Banish Bacteria and Virus Contaminants

If contamination by bacteria and viruses are a problem, a special UV light sterilizer added to your filtration system can safely eliminate them without the use of chemicals. 

5. Eliminate Arsenic with a Well Water System in San Marcos

Arsenic is naturally present in rocks and soils and can leach into well water. Eliminate this potentially harmful contaminant with a well water system.

Not sure if your well water has issues? Call the professionals at American Water to have your water tested and learn more about the quality of the water at your tap. We’ve got the experience you need to choose the right well water system in San Marcos for your household. Call us today to schedule your free consultation at 512-388-0022!

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