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Drinking Water Systems Austin

Drinking Water System in Austin: Myths Busted

Thinking about your drinking water? You’re not alone. Many homes have issues with the purity of their water and have installed a drinking water system in Austin. Read on for clarity on five common drinking water myths. Myth #1:...

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Water Filters Austin

Is Filtered Water or Bottled Water Better to Drink?

If you’re currently buying bottled water, you may be considering an investment in a water filtration system instead. Tasty, filtered water right at the tap has some big benefits – not only for you, but for the environment, too....

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Water System Dripping Springs

Protect New Back-to-School Clothes With Water System Installation in Dripping Springs

Washing your laundry in hard water or water containing chlorine or other additives and contaminants takes a toll on your clothes. If you’re like most families, you’ve probably just invested in new school clothes and want to make them...

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Chlorine Filtration

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink, or Do You Need a Chlorine Filter for Your Water Supply?

Most households drink tap water from a city water supply. Municipal water is usually treated with chlorine or chloramine to prevent contamination by dangerous bacteria and viruses. You’re probably wondering if the chlorine present in your drinking water is...

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