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National Water Quality Month

August Is National Water Quality Month

August is National Water Quality Month! What does that mean exactly? And why is water quality so important in the first place? Here’s what you need to know about what makes this month so significant as well as common water problems that prove you need to boost your water quality!

What Is National Water Quality Month?

Do you truly know what’s in your water? Many people are unpleasantly surprised by what they find after testing their water quality. Even the water you use for your home can be contaminated or simply lacking in quality. National Water Quality Month, founded in 2005, is important for this reason.

National Water Quality Month, celebrated in August, prioritizes making the most out of the small amount of fresh water we have. This includes curbing water pollution, providing clean and safe water to communities, and ensuring that your water is the highest quality possible.

How Can I Improve My Water Quality?

How do you improve your water quality? How do you know that you need to? These common problems show that it’s time to check out your water quality:

  • Dry, itchy or brittle skin and hair
  • Increased appliance, plumbing, and / or water heater repair or maintenance
  • Lifespan reduction in appliances, plumbing, or water heaters
  • Limescale and calcium buildup
  • Smell and / or taste of chlorine
  • Staining, typically caused by iron or magnesium
  • Taste or odor that is earthy, musty, metallic, or like a rotten egg
  • Water flow reduction in pipes

Thankfully, all of these problems can be addressed with Kinetico water systems, guaranteeing safe, high-quality water for all households and budgets! It’s time to call the professionals and take a long, hard look at your water quality today. What you find might shock you!

August Is National Water Quality Month, But Every Month Is Quality Water Month at American Water!

We prioritize water quality every day, month, and year, offering a variety of water systems by Kinetico to suit your home, business, and / or budget. We strongly believe that better water equals a better life. Join us today in National Water Quality Month to guarantee clean, accessible water for all!

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