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5 Signs You Need a Well Water System in Bastrop

Well Water Systems Bastrop

5 Signs You Need a Well Water System in Bastrop

High-quality water is essential and often taken for granted. Don’t assume that what comes from your tap is contaminant free. Not sure if your well water is as pure as it should be? Here are 5 signs you need a well water system in Bastrop.

1. Pipes Are Stained

You’ve seen it – green corrosion and staining on plumbing. If the pipes in your home are stained or have noticeable blue or green corrosion, your well water pH may be too low. A neutralizer system by Kinetico is effective to maintain proper water pH levels.

2. Water Smells and Tastes Bad

Water with odors or odd tastes should be tested. Sulfur smells are stopped with Kinetico’s Sulfur Guard System. The system removes sulfur from well water, so it’s clean and odor free. Off-tasting water caused by contaminants calls for a well water system in Bastrop like the Kinetico Paraflow System to filter the water, so it’s clean and pure.

3. Laundry Never Looks Quite Clean

Hard water issues cause lots of household problems, including laundry issues. Whites turn dingy and clothing fades and wears out faster when washed in hard water. Not only does soap not lather as well, but minerals build up in the material, meaning your clothes don’t wash as well. The Mach water softeners by Kinetico remove hard water minerals, so the water in your pipes and water-using appliances is soft.

4. Plumbing Issues Are Frequent 

Mineral buildup in pipes causes issues that need to be repaired or replaced. Hard water buildup also leaves crusty residue on fixtures and faucets, making it hard to keep them clean. Water softeners are efficient and remove excess minerals to protect your plumbing and water-using appliances, saving you from costly repairs and replacements.

5. You Have Stomach Issues

Contaminants by bacteria and viruses may cause stomach troubles. Get your water tested if you suspect microorganisms are in your well water. Kinetico’s UV Light System is chemical free and removes 99.9% of harmful microorganism,s so your water is safe to drink.

A Free In-Home Water Test Lets You Know Which Well Water System in Bastrop Is Right for You

The professionals at American Water are ready to help you learn more about issues with your well water and choose the right filtration systems for your home. Contact us today at 512-388-0022 for a free water analysis to see if a well water system can improve your issues!

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