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5 Reasons to Choose a Whole-Home Water Filter Instead of a Filtering Water Pitcher

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5 Reasons to Choose a Whole-Home Water Filter Instead of a Filtering Water Pitcher

If you live somewhere with water that needs filtration, you may be wondering if your water filter pitcher will do the job or if you should commit to a whole-home water filter. While a pitcher can work well under certain circumstances, a water filter system is what you want if you want high-quality water in all areas of your home. 

1. Save Time With a Whole-Home Water Filter

Whether you have a large family or are just trying to keep yourself hydrated, you may find yourself constantly needing to refill a filtration pitcher. With a whole-home water filtering system, you do not ever need to waste your time refilling a pitcher ever again. 

2. Save Space

A water pitcher takes up valuable fridge space. So, free up some room for groceries by getting a filtration system that is built into your home

3. Save Your Pipes and Appliances

An in-home water filtration system does not just improve your drinking water as a water pitcher does. It also filters the water throughout your whole house. This means that your pipes and appliances will be protected from minerals. Without this protection, your pipes and appliance may need to be replaced more frequently.  

4. Save Your Skin and Hair With a Whole-Home Water Filter

Unless you are using your filtered pitcher water to bathe, you may be exposing your skin and hair to minerals that make your soap less effective. This can make your them itchy and dry. A whole-home water filter system treats the water that you put on your body. 

5. Save Your Health

With a water pitcher, you may need to wait for filtration to be complete before you can drink it. This may lead to you drinking less water overall, but water is a very important aspect of your health. With a filtration system built into your home, you can get your water very quickly and easily. 

Save the Day With a Great Whole-Home Water Filter From American Water

At American Water, we offer a number of fantastic whole-home water filters. We look forward to helping you find the right one for your family. Please contact us at 512-388-0202 as soon as possible to book your free in-home water test!

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