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5 Benefits of Water Filtration in Austin

Water Filter Austin TX

5 Benefits of Water Filtration in Austin

Hard water and water containing other contaminants can be remedied by installing whole-house water filtration in Austin. Whole home systems are the most comprehensive and efficient solution to provide your home with a steady supply of clean water and avoid problems like pipe and appliance damage, laundry staining, and even dry skin. 


1. Clean Drinking Water From Filtration in Austin


Healthy drinking water is available at the tap when you have a whole home filtration system. The system removes hard water minerals including calcium, as well as other contaminants like heavy metals to provide you with safe water. 


2. Economical and Environmental Friendliness


If you have been buying bottled water, the cost adds up over time. Also, all those plastic bottles are bad for the environment. A whole-home system allows you continual access to clean water, so you won’t need to buy bottled water any longer.


3. A Cleaner Home


Mineral build up and soap scum leaves your home less than sparkling. Filtered water won’t leave build up behind on your tubs and sinks. Cleaning products work better, and kitchens and bathrooms are easier to clean when a home has a filtration system installed.


4. Avoidance of Plumbing and Appliance Issues With Water Filtration in Austin


Unfiltered water can lead to mineral buildup in plumbing and water using appliances. Overtime, this build up can clog pipes leading to costly repairs and more appliance replacements. Filtering your water reduces the minerals that can lead to build up, saving your plumbing and appliances.


5. Healthier Showers


Minerals and contaminants can worsen dry skin issues. If you suffer from dry, itchy skin, a whole-house system may help. Showering in water free of excess minerals and contaminants is better for your skin. Soap also lathers better when water is filtered, leaving your skin and hair feeling cleaner.

Our professionals at American Water are ready to help you with whole-house water filtration in Austin. We will find the system perfect for your personal water usage needs, such as the Kinetico Mach 4040. We have a variety of systems to choose from. Call our water experts today if you’re ready to see a difference in your water – 512-388-0022!

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