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How Much Is a Whole-Home Water Filter in Dripping Springs

5 Benefits of a Whole Home Water Softeners in Austin

Hard water contains large amounts of minerals and depending on severity can cause havoc in your household – from pipe and appliance damage, to laundry staining and even dry skin. Whole home water softeners in Austin are the most comprehensive and efficient way to eliminate your hard water woes and give you the benefits of softer water.

1. Whole home water softeners in Austin give you cleaner laundry.

Softer water helps your clothes come out cleaner and fluffier by helping detergents dissolve better in the water so they can do a better job cleaning your clothes. Hard water minerals adhere to fabrics, causing whites to gray. Soft water can help your wardrobe last longer by eliminating staining and extending the life of the fabric.

2. They also leads to healthier pipes.

Hard water leads to limescale buildup, which harms your home’s plumbing. Your whole home water softening system eliminates minerals that can cause buildup, saving you from expensive plumbing repairs.

3. You’ll get better tasting water.

By removing the excess minerals, your tap water tastes better. No more need for those large filtration systems that take up shelf space in your fridge.

4. Whole home water softeners in Austin means longer lives for your appliances.

Appliances that use water like dishwashers, washers, water heaters, electric kettles, and coffee machines last longer with a whole home water softening system. Hard water can build up within these appliances, causing them to require frequent repair or replacement.

5. You’ll experience better showers.

If hard water buildup is aggravating your dry skin or other skin issues, a whole home softening system may help. Additionally, softer water increases the soaps ability to lather, so you’ll use less soap and shampoo. 

The professionals at American Water are ready to help you choose a whole house water softening system perfect for your personal water usage needs. We have a variety of systems to choose from. Call the experts if you’re ready to see a difference in your water today at 512-388-0022.

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