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4 Signs You Need a New Water Softener in Cedar Park

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4 Signs You Need a New Water Softener in Cedar Park

So, you have a water softener and you know how beneficial it can be to your home and health. But, how do you know when it is time for you to replace your water softener? Read on to learn what signs you should look to indicate you need a new water softener in Cedar Park.

1. Soaps, Shampoos, and Detergents Are Not Lathering

A good indicator that your water softener is not operating properly is if you notice signs of hard water. The minerals in hard water impede the ability of soap to lather up. As a result, your skin and hair may feel itchy, and your clothing and dishes may not come out fully clean. 

2. Your Water Hardenss Is Unpredictable

If the softness of your water is inconsistent, it may be due to an outdated system. While older water softening systems used timers to determine when the water was regenerated, newer models provide water regeneration as needed. On-demand water regeneration allows you to take a shower or drink water with the peace of mind knowing your water is softened. 

3. Your Water Softener in Cedar Park Is Outdated

Older water softener systems are often bulkier than modern systems. Modern systems offer features that add convenience and take up less space. 

For example, some systems indicate the amount of water you use and if you need to add salt. Consider switching to a new system if you need to save space or want more functional features.

4. Your System Is Over 15 Years Old

If you take good care of your water softener, your system can last up to 15 years or perhaps longer. Older, faulty systems can display inconsistent runtimes. So, if your system is that old and is showing signs of wear, it is a good idea to look into replacing your water softener. 

Upgrade to the Most Amazing Water Softener in Cedar Park

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