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4 Negative Effects of a Water Softener On Plumbing in Austin

Water Softeners on Plumbing Austin TX

4 Negative Effects of a Water Softener On Plumbing in Austin

If you notice buildup around plumbing fixtures at the taps, your home is probably one of the many homes affected by hard water. The issues are more than just superficial though. Hard water running through your pipes is rough on your plumbing and water using appliances. Thankfully, a whole-home water softener is an effective solution, so you can avoid costly plumbing replacements and repairs. Here are the effects of a water softener on plumbing in Austin. 

#1 Effect: Cleaner Fixtures and Taps

Hard water leaves a whitish, crusty residue on your taps, and clogs them over time. It also builds up on your fixtures, making them much harder to keep clean. A water softener removes excess minerals that cause the build up. Enjoy improved water flow from your taps and fixtures that are easier to keep sparkling clean when you install a water softener.

#2 Effect of a Water Softener on Plumbing in Austin: Optimize Your Water Pressure

Buildup of hard water minerals in pipes can decrease water pressure. With softened water, minerals are removed, so they won’t build up in your plumbing and lead to costly repairs. Enjoy optimal water pressure in your home.

#3 Effect: Decrease Risk of Clogged Pipes

A water softener removes minerals that can build up in your pipes and increase the risk for clogs. When calcium builds up in pipes, causing them to narrow, it puts your plumbing at risk for clogging. Calling a plumber to fix your issues is costly and can be avoided when you install a water softener in your home.

#4 Effect of Water Softener on Plumbing in Austin: Gain Protection for Your Water Heater and Other Water Using Appliances

Mineral buildup in your water heater results in damages that lead to costly repairs and replacement. The same happens in your washing machine and dishwasher. One of the effects of a water softener on plumbing in Austin is protection for your water heater and water using appliances. Save yourself the expense of repairs and replacements by eliminating hard water.

Are you ready to enjoy the effects of a water softener on plumbing in Austin? Our experts at American Water are ready to help you learn more about your water quality and choose a water softener that is perfect for your home’s water usage. With a variety of options to choose from, call us today to learn more at 512-388-0022, or request your free in-home water test online now!

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