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3 Things You Should Know About Whole House Water Filters in Round Rock

Benefits of a Whole-House Filter in Georgetown

3 Things You Should Know About Whole House Water Filters in Round Rock

When we turn on our tap, we expect the water that comes out of the faucet to be clean and pure. But for some households, water issues are a real struggle. Many people often turn to purchasing bottled water for drinking, cooking, and baking. Contaminants and excess minerals are good reasons to look for whole house water filters in Round Rock, especially if you want to bathe in clean water.

1. Whole house water filters in Round Rock can save you money. 

A fresh supply of clean water is at the ready when you have a whole house water filtration system. Chemicals like chlorine are often added to the municipal water supply, and over time, it can do damage to water-using appliances. Repairing and replacing damaged appliances is costly. Also, purchasing bottled water for drinking is neither economically nor environmentally friendly. Having a whole house filter ensures that the water coming from your tap and flowing through your appliances is cleaner. 

2. They give the gift of better showers.

Showering in hard or chlorinated water can be damaging to the skin and hair. Some skin conditions can be aggravated by chemical additives, such as itchy eczema. A whole house system removes the excess minerals and contaminants to keep the water in your shower clean and healthy. Your soap will lather better and you’ll feel cleaner as well. 

3. Whole house water filters in Round Rock help you achieve a cleaner home and clothes!

Hard water stains build up on tubs, sinks, and dishes, adding to ugly soap scum residue. They also adhere to the fabrics of your clothing, making it harder for the soap to get them clean. With filtered water, your laundry soap and cleaners are better able to do their job to keep everything clean and fresh.

If you’d like the benefits of a whole house water filter in Round Rock, contact our experts here at American Water today by calling 512-388-0022 or requesting a free quote online. Kinetico whole house water filters are efficient and effective. Our experts will be glad to help you learn more about your current water quality and find a system that will best suit your household’s water needs.

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