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Your Quick Guide to Common Water Contaminants That Are Helped With Water Filtration Installation in Austin

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Your Quick Guide to Common Water Contaminants That Are Helped With Water Filtration Installation in Austin

Access to clean water is essential for our health. Contaminants affect not only our drinking water but the health of our showers, too. Some contaminants even do harm to plumbing and water-using appliances. Whether your home is supplied by city water or a well, contaminants may be present. Learn more in this guide to common water contaminants, all of which can be helped with water filtration installation in Austin.
Commonly added to city water, chlorine helps disinfect the water supply. Problems occur when chlorine combines with other organic compounds in the water to produce DBPs (disinfection byproducts). 
DBPs may be the culprits behind some cancers, heart disease, and other health concerns Water filtration installation in Austin removes excess chlorine and DBPs in your home. You’ll still get the disinfection benefits, and the water you drink and shower in is purified. Your water tastes better, too!
You probably recognize the name of this poisonous contaminant. Arsenic is present in rock and soil and in higher concentrations in agricultural areas. It gets into underground water sources, contaminating the supply. A complete water analysis tests for the presence of arsenic in your water.
Microbial Contaminants
Bacteria and viruses may contaminate underground water sources. Eliminate pathogens by installing a whole-home water filtration system.
Hydrogen Sulfide
Does your water have a smell or off taste? Hydrogen sulfide probably won’t do you harm, but it certainly makes your water unpleasant to shower in and drink. 
These are a more common issue in well-water, especially in agricultural areas. Nitrates pose the biggest risk for babies, because too many nitrates make it difficult for the blood to carry the proper levels of oxygen. This can lead to blue baby syndrome. Excess nitrates are removed from the water with proper filtration.

Learn More About Your Water Supply and How Water Filtration Installation in Austin Can Help

The water professionals at American Water offer complimentary in-depth water analysis for your home or business in and around Austin. You’ll learn more about the quality of your water supply to customize your water filtration installation in Austin. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your free water test at 512-388-020.

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