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Why You Need a Well Water System in Pflugerville

Well Water System Pflugerville TX

Why You Need a Well Water System in Pflugerville

If you’re planning to build a new house and want to use a water well for your supply instead of city services, you first need to plan how you will treat your water. Well water should be regularly tested to ensure it is free from E. coli and other harmful contaminants. One step you can take to help ensure water safety is to install a whole-house filter and softening well water system in Pflugerville.

Here is why you need a well water system if your home water supply depends on a well.

A well water system helps sterilize the water.

To help eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, a UV light sterilizer can be part of your well water system. Kinetico’s UV Light Sterilizer removes all traces of Cryptosporidium, E. coli, Giardia, and other microorganisms that can make you ill – without chemicals. This means it’s not exchanging one harmful contaminant for another. It is a safe, natural, and environmentally friendly process to make your water much safer to drink.

It protects against arsenic.

Most people are unaware that the biggest source of arsenic exposure actually comes from drinking water and food. Arsenic is a natural chemical element found in rock and soil, and thus makes its way into groundwater. Using a filter to remove arsenic from well water is cost effective and and efficient. The Kinetico Arsenic Guard system can work on its own or in combination with other well water systems.

Well water systems can raise the pH level of your water.

Kinetico’s Neutralizer eliminates pH-related water issues such as blue-green corrosion and staining. A neutralizer helps reduce the acidity of well water, so that it is not corrosive.

Water systems soften water.

To help soften eliminate hard water issues, you can install a well water softener. This type of well water system in Pflugerville helps eliminate mineral deposits on your plumbing fixtures from excess calcium and magnesium in your water supply. Hard water causes a host of other issues, such as water spots on clean dishes, a chalky taste and /or funky odor to your water, stiff and dingy clothes even after washing, and plumbing issues such as low water pressure.

Get a free in-home water test to see which water system is right for you.

At American Water, we offer free tests to see if one or more of these well water system will help treat your home water supply. Call us today at 512-388-0022 to schedule an appointment today!

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