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Why do you need water softener at home?

Why do you need water softener at home?

Water softeners clean your water after it picks up harmful elements in the public water system. As water travels from the ground, elements such as calcium and magnesium are picked up and dissolved in the water before it reaches your tap, your laundry, your bathroom, and ultimately, your drinking glass.

Although some studies suggest drinking hard water poses no serious health risks, some elements dissolved in water, such as hydrogen sulfide, can give the water a rotting smell that makes it intolerable to drink. Hard water may also make your hair and your skin less shiny and dull, shower after shower.

Other elements found dissolved in water, such as chlorine and iron, may leave marks and stains on surfaces when used. Because these elements also make it difficult for soap to dissolve, more soap is required during laundry, and undissolved suds can also make their way in between fibers. Deposits may also build up along pipes, inside your kettles, boilers, water heaters, and even inside the radiator of your car, making them less efficient and more prone to damage.

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