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Whole House Water Filtration Systems

In addition to water softeners and drinking water purification systems, Kinetico can provide whole house water filtration for your home.The Kinetico whole house water filtration system provides clean, filtered water at every faucet in your home without the use of salt or potassium or the cost involved with whole house reverse osmosis. There is no backwash or regeneration, so there is no additional water consumption. The whole house water filter provides chlorine-free water, with unpleasant odors and tastes removed. These home water filter systems are sometimes referred to as dechlorinators, whole-house refiners, or no-salt, salt free or sodium free water softeners.

Chlorine is typically used by municipal water suppliers for disinfection, but it can be damaging to plastic pieces, o-rings, seals, and washers in appliances and faucets, causing leaks. It can also cause laundry to fade and dry out skin and hair.

Chlorine can also be inhaled in shower steam and absorbed by your skin when bathing. Some question the long-term health effects it has on the body. We have found that many Texas residents want de-chlorinated water for showers and baths. The Kinetico whole house water filter eliminates the need for inefficient showerhead and sink-mounted faucet filters (kitchen water filters).

In some cases, a whole house water filter is all that is needed. With Texas’ extremely hard water, many consumers are best served with combination systems that soften and filter water at every tap. Call Kinetico to learn more about which option will best suit your needs.

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