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What You Should Know About Chlorine and Your Drinking Water

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What You Should Know About Chlorine and Your Drinking Water

Nothing refreshes you like a glass of ice water. It’s crisp, clean, and good for you. When thirsty, most people fill their glass from the tap in their sink. However, some people may not know if it’s chlorinated or not, and what they means in regards to drinking water safety.

What is chlorine?

Chlorine is a chemical used to kill germs and disinfect water. The process of adding chlorine to your water is called chlorination. There are many benefits to adding chlorine to your water in your home.

These benefits include:

  • It’s been proven to significantly reduce the bacteria and viruses within the water, including those that cause diarrhea and other ailments.
  • It provides constant protection from future contamination.
  • Chlorination has a very low cost.

However, like all things, there are a few drawbacks to this. With chlorination, there’s very low protection against the bacteria known as protozoa, which can cause waterborne diseases including giardia. It might have an odd taste or smell, and though it is said to be safe, many reports say it may not be as safe as we’re led to believe. The US Council of Environmental Quality has found that people who drink chlorinated water have a 93% higher risk of cancer than those who don’t.

How A Dechlorinator and Water Softener Can Help You

Don’t be alarmed if your drinking water is chlorinated. There are steps you can take to make your drinking water safer, such as installation of a Kinetico dechlorinator with a water softener in Round Rock or other areas with chlorinated water supplies.

A dechlorinator does exactly what it sounds like; it de-chlorinates your water. It removes the unpleasant odor and taste chlorine adds to your water, and reduces the negative health effects of chlorinated water. It easily pairs well with a water softener to further improve the water that comes from your tap.

A water softener is a device that is used to “soften” hard water that has unwanted chemicals and minerals in it. Basically, it acts as a water filter. When the water is hard, it becomes increasingly difficult to wash dishes because the water isn’t purified. Skin and hair dries out and doesn’t retain moisture when using hard water. It can even leave mineral deposits on plumbing fixtures.

Purchasing a water softener can save you from a lot of potential problems as well as save you a lot of money. Water is one of the most basic necessities of life, but it can become cause for concern when chlorinated and/or hard. For more information on dechlorinators and water softeners in Round Rock, call us at (512) 388-0022 today for a free in-home water test and consultation!

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