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What to Know About Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems in Austin

reverse osmosis drinking water systems in Austin

What to Know About Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems in Austin

Healthier, great tasting water has never been easier than now. Reverse osmosis water systems in Austin can easily be installed in your home or business, so you have filtered drinking water all the time. This filtration and purification system for tap or well water can be installed and ready to use in just hours!

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a simple process during which water passes through a semi-permeable, pressure-driven membrane to decontaminate, demineralize and deionize water. An RO system removes up to 99% or more of dissolved ions (salts), colloids, particles, organics, bacteria, and pyrogens.

Why are reverse osmosis drinking water systems in Austin necessary?

A reverse osmosis system gives you the benefit of healthy, premium water directly from your tap. It helps remove the contaminants listed above, as well as improve the taste of your water. This not only makes your drinking water taste better, but anything you use your water for will taste better too. If you enjoy cooking, baking, or making mixed drinks, you’ll notice a difference in the quality by using water filtered through reverse osmosis.

Who can benefit from RO drinking water?

Anyone can benefit from RO water. Home or business owners who live in an area where sodium, arsenic, uranium, or other contaminants can potentially reach the water supply can especially benefit from reverse osmosis. Those with hard water will also greatly benefit.

What are the best reverse osmosis drinking water systems?

The K5 Drinking Water Station from Kinetico is the most advanced system for reverse osmosis available. It is certified to remove more water contaminants than any other comparable system. The K5 comes with a 10-year warranty and is capable of producing up to 40 filtered gallons with a strong water stream daily. It has a very efficient, non-electric, automatic operation.

Are you choosy about your plumbing fixtures? No problem! The K5 offers many designer faucet options, so your system faucet matches your other fixtures.

Does a reverse osmosis system remove healthy trace minerals from your drinking water?

An RO system does not discriminate. It does remove beneficial minerals from your drinking water. However, there are multiple ways you can ensure you still get these trace minerals in your diet. Perhaps the easiest is to add mineral drops that include calcium, magnesium, manganese, and other healthy ingredients to your water to enrich it.

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