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What to Choose When Shopping for Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems in Round Rock

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System Round Rock TX

What to Choose When Shopping for Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems in Round Rock

Shopping for a reverse osmosis system for cleaner, better-tasting water? If you’re looking for drinking water solutions, check out these amazing products that not only deliver on great, fresh-tasting drinking water but also fit in with your decor. You’ll save money on bottled water when you install a system that effectively and efficiently removes contaminants. Here’s what to choose instead of reverse osmosis drinking water systems in Round Rock.

Not Your Average Reverse Osmosis System: Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station

The K5 Drinking Water Station by Kinetico uses advanced technology to purify your drinking water. Not only does it provide an amazing 40 plus gallons of purified drinking water each day, but it also removes more contaminants than other systems. So, you’ll get as much clean, fresh water as you need! No more bottled water! Other great things about the K5:

  • Highly efficient non electric operation.
  • Fast fill water stream from QuickFlo technology. 
  • Designer faucet options to look good with any decor.
  • Filters are quick-disconnect.

Purified Water To Suit Your Budget and Your Space With the Aquakinetic A200

If you’re on a tight budget or looking for a system for a smaller space, look to the Aquakinetic A200 by Kinetico. What makes it great?

  • Perfect compact size for smaller spaces
  • Purified, great tasting water
  • Sleek, beautiful finish designed to look good
  • Efficient and effective

You’ll Love The Savings From Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems in Round Rock

Save money on store-bought water, and get fresh water at the tap with a Kinetico system. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that you’re doing your part to cut down on plastics and take care of the environment.

If you’re considering reverse osmosis drinking water systems in Round Rock, call the professionals at American Water today to learn more about your options. Our drinking water specialists test your water supply so you learn more about the quality of your water and how to improve it. We’ve been helping people get healthier, pure water for nearly three decades. Call us today at 512-388-0022 to schedule an appointment for a free water test, and get the right drinking water system for you!

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