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What Minerals in My Hard Water Can be Treated With a Water Softener in Austin?

What Minerals in My Hard Water Can be Treated With a Water Softener in Austin?

water softener dripping springsKinetico water treatment systems soften hard water using a resin of polystyrene beads and supply of salt. Hard water flows into a brine tank filled with salt water and resin. Polystyrene beads then capture mineral ions, and the minerals exchange places with the salt. So, exactly which minerals are removed using Kinetico water softeners? Here in Austin, we’re primarily concerned with the high levels of calcium and magnesium in our local water supplies.


Calcium is great when it comes in a gallon of milk or a block of cheese, but not so much when you’re trying to rinse your produce in it. Trying to cook vegetables with, or washed in, hard water can cause problems. The calcium in your hard water combines with a protein found in the skin of many vegetables and makes them tough or shriveled. Also, drinking water varies in taste from region to region depending on the particulates dissolved in the local water supply, but pure, tasteless drinking water is attainable with a little purification.


Cooking with hard water negatively impacts the overall taste of the food you’re preparing. When you want to make a concentrated juice, you don’t want to taste magnesium-apple juice, and when you’re preparing condensed soup you hopefully aren’t hungry for chicken and noodle with magnesium aftertaste. Magnesium is great for your body when you’re getting it from your food. But not so much when you’re tasting it in meals where it’s not been invited.

Treat Minerals Causing Hard Water with a Water Softener in Austin

Nearby residents rely on water softeners due to the wealth of minerals in our soil. As the foods we grow absorb these minerals, they make their way into our diets, where they do wonderful things for our health. However, they taste less than good when coming from a glass of water or cooking in hard water.

Tired of grainy drinking water or food that just tastes off? Treat your water supply with a Kinetico water softening system. Call American Water today at (512) 388-0022 to schedule your free hard water test near Round Rock or Austin.

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