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Well Water Systems

American Water Well Water System Experts

Harnessing the kinetic energy of running water, Kinetico’s well water systems filter and soften water in a manner that is both environmentally conscious and cost effective. Our full line of Kinetico products are remarkably user-friendly and offer Austin homeowners a comprehensive, low-maintenance solution to any and all of their water-related challenges.

Our Kinetico Well Water Systems

Kinetico Mach Softeners

water softener dripping springs

Powered entirely by the kinetic energy of moving water, Kinetico Mach softeners can be adjusted to the specific conditions of your well water supply. The Mach softener system is capable of efficiently supplying your Austin home with a continuous supply of soft water and comes standard with the following features:

  • Non-electric, on-demand operation
  • Effective removal of iron and water hardness
  • Twin tank & countercurrent regeneration water softener system
  • Proficient, economical performance

As an environmentally-conscious alternative to other water softener systems, the Kinetico Mach Series is an economically advantageous option for Austin-area homeowners.


water softener dripping springs

Our Kinetico Paraflow—2100 system is a remarkably simple, reliable system that can be optimized to meet the specific water conditions of your well water supply. Producing a continuous supply of clean, filtered water, the Paraflow—2100 system comes standard with the following features:

  • Overdrive enhanced, non-electric operation
  • Comprehensive range of exceptional filtration media available
  • Dual tank system

Simultaneously utilizing the dual tank system, the Paraflow—2100 system’s overdrive enhanced system increases the performance, efficiency, media lifespan, and flow rate of pristine water to your home.

Sulfur Guard

water softener dripping springs

As one of the most unpleasant odors water can possibly possess, the Sulfur Guard—2060f system effectively eliminates sulfur from your well water supply. To supply your home with clean, odor-free water, this system comes standard with the following features:

  • On-demand, metered, and non-electric operation
  • Efficiently removes sulfur odor

The exclusive Sulfaban™ media utilized in the Sulfur Guard-2060f system will remove any and all traces of hydrogen sulfide gas from your water and, thereby, make your water odor-free and usable again.


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The reliable, efficient operation of our Kinetico Neutralizer system will work to raise the pH levels of your Austin well water supply and, therein, help you eliminate any blue-green corrosion and staining of your plumbing often associated with low pH levels. Our Neutralizer system comes standard with:

  • Electricity-free operation
  • Efficient pH control

This system offers Austin-area residents an economic, efficient solution to pH-related water issues.

Arsenic Guard

water softener dripping springs

Our Kinetico Arsenic Guard system may be used exclusively for arsenic removal or, alternatively, in conjunction with one of our Kinetico Water Softener Systems. To better protect your family from the presence of naturally-occurring arsenic in your Austin well water supply, our Arsenic Guard system comes standard with the following features:

  • Flexible, adaptive system design
  • Perpetually treats water

This system will offer you and your family protection you can depend upon; our Arsenic Guard system will consistently and continuously reduce any traces of arsenic in your water.

UV Light Sterilizer

water softener dripping springs

As the most environmentally conscious well water system offered by Kinetico, our UV Light system is proven to eliminate nearly all bacteria and viruses, including any traces of Giardia, E. coli, Cryptosporidium, and other harmful microorganisms, all without the use of chemicals. The following are among the most beneficial aspects of Kinetico’s UV Light system:

  • Proven elimination of 99.99% of bacteria and viruses
  • Environmentally-conscious, chemical-free alternative

The chemical-free UV Light system is a natural, safe process that will not affect the taste or odor of your Austin well water supply.

Contact an Austin Well Water System Specialist

At American Water TX, our Austin well water system specialists can help you choose a Kinetico well water system that will meet the specific challenges of your well water supply. To learn more about any of our Kinetico well water systems, please call one of our Austin well water specialists at (512) 388-0022 today.

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