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Water Quality Concerns with Rio 2016 Olympics

Water Quality Concerns with Rio 2016 Olympics

The current controversy surrounding the summer 2016 Olympics hosted by Brazil involving the water quality in the surrounding areas has raised many concerns this year. These water quality concerns have even led many professional athletes to decline their Olympic invitations for health reasons.

The water on the beaches of Rio and the Guanabara Bay are reported to be heavily contaminated by raw sewage and other wastes. Many grotesque pictures have been posted on social media to further spread the issues around the water quality, as people around the world have begun criticizing Brazil for its lack of health standards. The Associated Press recently released a study on the water quality and concluded that swimmers need only consume three teaspoons of the contaminated water before contracting a virus.

Even though the water quality standards in America are generally much higher, our water is still not completely contaminant free. With the help of a Whole House Filtration System provided by American Water TX, you can enjoy clean, filtered water throughout the entirety of your home. Contact us today at (512) 388-0022 to learn more about our products.

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