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Water Filters in Austin: Why Chose the Kinetico Mach 4040

Water Filtration in Austin

Water Filters in Austin: Why Chose the Kinetico Mach 4040

Clean water is so important for your health and the health of your home’s appliances and plumbing. Whole-house water filters deliver quality water to every tap in your home. If you’ve got contaminants in your water, choosing top water filters in Austin like the Kinetico Mach 4040 is key to enjoying clean, pure water throughout your home.

How the Kinetico Mach 4040 Works

This top-of-the-line whole-home filtration system doubles as a water softener too, resolving hard water issues and removing excess chlorine at the same time. The Kinetico Mach 4040 uses fine mesh resin to supply your home with clean water. It utilizes kinetic energy to soften and filter water without the need for electricity.

Benefits of Kinetico Mach 4040 Water Filters in Austin

The Kinetico Mach 4040 is both effective and efficient. It functions on demand, so you’ll always have clean water. The dual-tank system offers impressive flow rates, so you’ll enjoy great water pressure, too. With a Kinetico Mach 4040, you can expect:

  • Savings: Clean tap water saves you money on purchasing bottled water. 
  • Fewer issues with appliances that use water: Contaminants can damage your water-using appliances, and repairs and replacements can be expensive. 
  • Better showers: Showering in hard and chlorinated water is tough on your skin. It also decreases the effectiveness of your soap and shampoo. 
  • Cleaner home: Buildup from hard water and soap scum leaves your fixtures looking dirty. You’ll have an easier time cleaning when you install a whole-house filter.
  • Cleaner laundry: Hard water takes a toll on clothing fibers and leaves your clothing dingy. With a whole-home filter, your clothing will last longer and you’ll enjoy brighter colors and whiter whites.

Also, the Kinetico Mach 4040 offers the longest comprehensive warranty in the business. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that this quality system is guaranteed!

Free In-Home Water Tests to See If You Can Benefit From a Mach 4040

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of whole-home water filters in Austin, the professionals at American Water have the experience you need to determine your water quality, help you select the right product for your home, and install and maintain the system. Learn more and schedule your free water analysis by calling us today at 512-388-0202!

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